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Interview - January 9, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Why I Deserve To Be Re-elected – Kogi Rep

Hon. TAJUDEEN AYO YUSUF, representing Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency, at the House of Representatives. In this exclusive interview with Ivotesng OSAGBEMI ANTHONY, he spoke on his acheivenwbts at the House of Reps and. Why he is sure in victory in the forthcoming election. Excerpts:

Given that you are not new to the House of Representatives, what new agenda’s do you have for your people?

“Sustaining the good work that we have been doing, first of all, we look at what we have done already; look at those ones that have made meaningful impact; sustain those ones and improve on the ones that are not doing well.”

“Empowerment itself is not an end; it should be a means to an end. There are those item we feel have not produced the long term effect we wanted. The intension is not just to give handout to people but to teach people how to fish. As I am talking to you, there is a training going on right now in Kabba; Agricultural Entrepreneurship Training. The intention is to teach farmers how to maximize profit and make farming lucrative, while encouraging our youths to see farming from a different perspective.”

Can you tell us more about your achievements?

Let’s leave that to the children of history because I might be sounding a bit arrogant or over promoting myself, if I attempt to score myself. I would rather say that we have in our little way done some modest things; in our little ways, we made sacrifice upon sacrifices. Therefore, I leave that out. However, if you ask me about one particular item that I really see as exciting and most important, it will be the ‘Back to school’ programme, which focuses on our youths to get them to appreciate education. I will say this is my best initiative

The APC in Kogi faces a huge task of staying in power. How will you rate the performance of the state governor?

“If I refuse to rate myself, I will not rate their performance. All I will say is that when you are in office, your life is an open book. I will also say that APC from the center (federal) to the state, to me, has not measured up to the expectation of our people. They have not measured up to my own expectation of good governance. They gave so much hope, made promises as if there won’t be tomorrow. So for Kogi as I will say the beauty of democracy is that the people have a privilege in four years to either renew or resent. November this year will be kogi election and the government will receive the result of their stewardship.”

Will you say you stand a chance to win the election by February?

“By his grace, I am the man to beat. I believe that looking at where we are as a nation and the peculiar nature of our constituency, by providence I am better equipped than any of my co-contestants to deliver to our people. In my first outing, I was able to do one or two things. This second time, I began to do things I never believed I could do better. The beauty of being a parliamentarian is that like wine, it gets better with time. I believe that by his grace am best suited and qualified for any position in the parliament right now and I can imagine what it will translate into for our people. So, I believe this coming back hold a lot for our people and i know that our people appreciate the modest work we have done. I am convinced that across party line, I will be voted in

Do you intend to pursue any Executive office in Kogi state at any time?

“Never say Never but for now, I keep my eyes focus on the parliament. Parliament gives room for advocacy, it gives room for lobby and above all, it helps you to be better equipped to understand the dynamics of what make Nigeria a nation. So, for now I’m focused on the parliament. Let’s see what tomorrow brings

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