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Opinion - February 27, 2019

2019 Elections: Questions Over Nigeria’s Fraudulent Voters Register

By Abdul Mahmud, The Great Oracle

The 23 February poll presents its own reflections, sobering as they are, revealing of things we often gloss over, perhaps, deliberately. Things the Great Oracle said here a few months, weeks & days ago would happen have come to pass.

The Great Oracle questioned the fraudulent electoral register in a long thread last November.

He concluded:

(1) that voters in Nigeria are no more than 35m;

(2) that 2019 poll will struggle to reach the 2015 voters mark of 30m
2019: of 72m voters, only 28m citizens voted in our decisive poll. Down by over 1m from 2015. Which means “44m voters” abstained.
Again, it raises the question: why do citizens abstain from decisive polls? It is a false question. 30m voters reflect our true voter number!
Those huge voters’ numbers across states like Lagos, Kano, Katsina, Rivers and many others are fake. Our electoral register is padded. With it padded, it is very easy to allocate fictitious figures!

(3) Even before INEC released its final allocated figures, the Great Oracle called the poll based on the fictitious numbers/figures he had seen and told those who cared, “It is over”.

(4) The Great Oracle also oracularized thus: the vote margin between Buhari and Atiku would climb above the 2015 margin between PDP & APC. He put the margin at 3m plus.

Going forward, here’s the Great Oracle’s final views:
1) 23 February poll has been electorally sealed, what remains is the judicial seal, albeit fraudulently;
2) Upturning presidential poll at the Supreme Court is like uprooting Zuma Rock & carrying it on the head
First, at the Supreme Court the proof of establishing criminality at the poll will be beyond all reasonable doubt. That’s a Herculean burden of proof to discharge. Second, public policy which often guides the court
will never allow it to toe the path of justice. Remember 1979 & 2007. Perhaps, add the third, the politics of the juridical,of power trumping the law & justice.
What’s to be done?
Well, in spite of, the Supreme Court will provide all the opportunity to document what happened
Finally, well have to look at the powers of one single individual appointing INEC officials. Again & again, we’ve seen how the collusion of INEC officials at all levels is at the core of electoral heist. We must look at our security agencies as well
This is from the gods: the fog will lift itself, darkening clouds shall clear, sheep separated from ravenous wolves shall have their clearings, and you shall market your grains again. Life goes on. It’s well.
Finally, the Great Oracle has been accused publicly and privately- via DM – of “selling INEC Chairman to them”. And a few, notably our diaspora revolutionaries have accused the Great Oracle of being an INEC contractor, albeit with subtlety. Here, I say:
1) The Great Oracle is NOT AN INEC Contractor. In fact he has only a business registered to his name at the CAC, Mahmud Law Firm, MLF.
2) He attested to the integrity of Prof Mahmood Yakubu on the basis of what he knows about him
Even in his attestation, he always highlighted the dangers of power trumping everything and anything in his country. He always cautioned that much should not be expected from an environment in which power is totalizing
3) If on the basis of his attestation you trusted INEC, remember trust lies at the heart of our social contract. You did what is naturally expected of you. If the INEC Chairman failed to meet your expectation & the Great Oracle’s attestation, please, forgive the Great Oracle .
Remember: everything we do in life is judged by history and conscience. We all stand in the docks of history and conscience.
Let them be the judges!
On a final note, every INEC Chairman is as good as the political power environment he operates. In a country in which political power is totalizing and repressive, it takes the courage of conviction to trump political power. Trumping political power is not in our stars!

This piece was lifted from @AbdulMahmud01. The Twitter handle of Great Oracle

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