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Politics - March 13, 2019

My Certificate Cannot Be Touched Or Seized – Okorocha Tells INEC

By Michael Paul

Outgoing Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha on Wednesday said the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) cannot seize his Certificate of return by mere petition written by somebody, saying only the election tribunal has the power to do such.
Okorocha said he wondered why INEC has decided to seize his certificate after he had been declared winner.
He said, “My Certificate has not been issued and I wonder why INEC will withhold my Certificate for a frivolous reason, without hearing from me. I am not a violent person and those who know me know that. This is why we have peace in Imo State. He could not have done that under duress with the watchful eyes of the Police, DSS and party agents. I am not unmindful of the facts that those who are fighting me from Abuja are anxious to see me removed as a Senator. I urge INEC to do the right thing immediately by releasing my Certificate”.
He Continued “In the case of Emenike who Contested for Okigwe Zone Senatorial election. While the election was going on there, the zonal Returning Officer somewhere declared a Candidate winner while the people were still voting at their various polling booths. It looked like a tale when I got wind of the situation. Somebody just declared a result with only the zonal result sheets without the result sheets from the booths and ward levels. When results from booths and wards were compiled, the winner of the election was Emenike of the AA party,
“I advised REC not to wreck further and with speed should declare Emenike winner of that election. We will not allow him to wreck Imo and return to Anambra, that will not be accepted. He should maintain peace and not cause agitations in the State. I quite agree that this is enough provocation to trigger chaos but I appeal to all of you to maintain peace and never behave otherwise. Just be rest assured that we have a listening President who does not support evil,
“It is obvious that this fight is targeted against me by some of those who have decided to fight me from Abuja. I am ready to take this fight as much as I can but don’t transfer this aggression you have against me to anybody associated with me, that I would not be acceptable. Allow the young men who won the elections to be so declared” he added.
The governor averred “Let me tell every Nigerian that I fight no one and no one should fight me. If anyone fights me, he will be the loser at the end of it all. My INEC Certificate cannot be touched and seized, doing so is belittling Democracy in Nigeria. It is only the tribunal that has the right to say otherwise once a result is declared. INEC cannot seize my Certificate by mere petition written by somebody in a case I was not given the opportunity to present my own side of the story.”

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