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Sports - April 3, 2019

Toure Blasts Bonucci And Allegri For Comments On Kean Abuse

Emeka Nnaike

Yaya Toure has slammed the comments from Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri and captain Leonardo Bonucci concerning the racist abuse suffered by Juventus forward Moise Kean as “a disgrace”.

Kean, who scored twice for Italy during the last international break, was subjected to racist abuse, which included monkey chants, from the stands as the Bianconeri won 2-0 at Cagliari.

The 19-year-old then struck an iconic defiant pose after scoring the second goal as he stood motionless in front of opposition fans, arms spread aloft before being dragged away by teammates and opposition players.

Kean’s teammate, Italy international Leonardo Bonucci, provoked widespread outrage in the football world by suggesting Kean was wrong for provoking the home fans.

“There were racist jeers after the goal, Blaise Matuidi heard it and was angered. I think the blame is 50-50, because Moise shouldn’t have celebrated like that, and the Curva (stand) should not have reacted that way,” he said.

Juventus manager Allegri also felt the teenager should have risen above the chants.

“He shouldn’t have celebrated in that manner,” Allegri said, before calling for those responsible to be handed lifetime bans.

Speaking at UEFA’s Equal Game conference on Wednesday, Toure demanded to know what steps the Italian FA plans to take to punish those who racially abused Kean.

Toure began his speech by asking: “I want to know if the Italian FA is here today?”
When it was confirmed Italian FA representatives were present at the conference, Toure added: “I want to see what the Italian FA is going to do about that.

“It’s really important because this is what we’re fighting for. I want to see what the response is.”

The former Manchester City and Barcelona powerhouse was also very critical of Bonucci and Allegri for apportioning any blame whatsoever to Kean.

“For me it’s a disgrace. You can’t do that,” he said.

“It was unbelievable. A team-mate, a manager saying: ‘You shouldn’t have done that’ to one of your own players.

“I think it’s the worst scenario you can have in football. Your team-mate attacking you, saying things like that, is just unbelievable. I can’t imagine how hurt he was when he saw that.”

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