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News - April 13, 2019

Statistics Show 2019 Elections Better Than 2015

Michael Paul and Osagbemi Anthony

Despite the outcry on the conduct of the 2019 general election, statistics obtained by ivotesng.com have shown that the just concluded election is far better than that of 2015.

Checks by our reporter show that candidates who were dissatisfied with the outcome of the 2019 elections were 22 percent less than those who challenged the conduct of the elections in 2015.

Investigations by our reporter also showed that the majority of the lawsuits were filed by aggrieved party members who were dissatisfied with the outcome of primary elections in their parties.

For instance, findings by Ivotesng.com showed that a total of 948 pre-election cases where filed by political parties

Following the conclusion of elections, there are now 736 election cases in the courts, with the following break down: Presidential: 4; Senatorial: 207; HOR: 101; Governorship: 43; and State HOA: 381.

This statistic represents a decrease from what was obtained in 2015.

There were over 1,000 cases challenging the conduct of the 2015 General elections at different levels. So, the 2019 cases are still far lower than the 2015 petitions. Interestingly, the cases in court arising from the 2019 General Elections are mostly of pre-election grievances and not as a result of the Conduct of the Elections itself.

Ivotesng.com also gathered that the 2019 General Elections were not perfect. This is largely so because of the activities of politicians and other election partners like the police

For instance, the actions of politicians like Rochas Okorocha, Governor of Imo state and senatorial candidate of the APC in Imo west district, who allegedly held a presiding officer hostage, cannot be pinned on INEC.

Such deleterious activities that tend to give bad names to our elections are usually perpetrated by desperate politicians.

Hence, it becomes imperative to sign the Electoral Act Amendment Bill into law, to serve as a deterrent to prospective Electoral offenders, as this will help to curb every malpractices which includes but not limited to: vote-buying, thuggery, stealing of election materials, and illegal possession of sensitive and nonsensitive materials.

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