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News - April 13, 2019

Sudan: Acting Military Leader Says Plans In Place To Return To Civilian Rule

Emeka Nnaike

The acting head of Sudan’s military council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Abdelrahman on Saturday, said that a civilian government would be formed after consultations with the opposition, with further promises that the transition period would last for a maximum of two years, as protesters kept up pressure for rapid change.

In his first televised address, Lt. Gen. Abdelrahman said he was also cancelling a night curfew ordered by his predecessor, and ordered the release of all prisoners jailed under emergency laws put in place by ousted President Omar Al-Bashir.

A coalition of groups leading the protests said it had accepted an invitation by the armed forces to meet on Saturday to discuss a new civilian government.

Bashir had been overthrown on Thursday after weeks of massive protests, spurred by rising food costs, high unemployment, and increasing repression during his three decades in power.

The main protest organizer had earlier on Saturday, urged people to keep marching to demand a civilian government after the defense minister and the intelligence chief stepped down.

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