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Politics - September 1, 2019

2023: North-East Will Succeed President Buhari – Sen Bukar.

By our reporter

Former Governor of Yobe state, Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim, has said that, Northeast region should be allowed produce the next presidential candidate, who will succeed president Buhari in 2023.

In a statement signed and issues by his media Aide, Yusuf Ali, Bukar said, zoning and allocating political positions according to where people come from creates tensions and long term problems that will ultimately not solve the country’s problems.

According to him, “the only thing that will solve our problems is democracy – free, fair and transparent democracy. It is not enough to be free and fair; people must see it to be transparent, without pressure, without rancour.”

He lamented that, the North East Zone is the most marginalized and neglected part of Nigeria, and with Boko Haram it has further deteriorated into a vast economic wasteland.

Bukar Abba Ibrahim, disclosed that, there are many materials in the North East who can continue from Buhari including his humble self.

He therefore ” let me tell you that, it is in the best interest of Nigeria that some section of this country were given opportunity to rule. If Obasanjo could get there, Yar’adua could get there and Jonathan can get there, any Nigerian can. It is now not a matter of the turn of any section or geographical area but the best interest of Nigeria and Nigerians. Where can’t we produced the President, Are we not Nigerian? Are we not in the position to produce president.

“We must all believe totally in democracy. Free, fair and transparent elections are the only way to settle our disputes and representatives after our determined debates, pejorative politics and clamorous campaigns. We must produce the next president no matter how we are, this is our chances, this is our right to stand on.

“Its wrong for anybody in the South to insist that one of them must rule, or for Igbos, Yoruba’s, or Hausa – Fulani or any other ethnic groups to insist it is their turn. All this nonsense clamouring and agitation was created by zoning” he emphasized.

“Nigeria is so vast that no one can superimpose themselves if we follow democratic principles. Once we blatantly obey and follow democratic rules for all to see, whoever is transparently elected will be acceptable to rule Nigeria, we have almost every capacity to rule the country” he said.

he however said if the ruling All Progressives Congress, (APC) insists on zoning, the northeast must produce the president for the sake of justice, and equity, as all other zones have had their fair share of ruling Nigeria.

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