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Crime - September 3, 2019

S.A. Govt Silent As South Africans Continue Xenophobic Attack Against Nigerians

Osagbemi Anthony

The government of South Africa has remained silent in the face of the ruthless killings of Foreign Nationals in the country.
IVOTES can report that the South African government yet to issue an official statement condemning the attack, more than 48 hours after a renewed onslaught against Nigerians and other Africans living in the country
It is instructive to note that Xenophobia is not a new phenomenon in South Africa. Its frequent recurrence is, therefore, an indication that the Government of South Africa has refused to do anything tangible to put a stop to the menace.

Nigerians and other African National resident in South Africa have been butchered, stoned to death, beaten to death, stabbed and shot in South Africa.

Persons involved in businesses amongst them have had their shops, offices and business places looted during such incidents.

Some business outlets belonging to foreign nationals are even burnt down.

Facts on ground show that the South African Police have always refused to act on time. Most of the time, the looters would have catered away everything before the police show up.

The attack which started on Sunday is also yet to receive the proper attention of the South African Government.

The Police Minister Bheki Cele, who spoke on the matter, insisted that the recent violence was related to “criminality” and not “xenophobia”.

He said, “Xenophobia is used as an excuse” to perpetrate such violence.

He dismissed the insinuation that it was a xenophobic attack, saying that “For now there is nothing that has sparked any form of this conflict between the South Africans and foreign nationals.”

However, he was quick to accuse the Foreign Nationals of overpopulating the country, saying that “in some in South Africa, Foreigners are up to 80 percent of the total population.”

He even added that if that continues, a Foreigner may become president of South Africa Someday.

Officially, the government of South Africa has not said anything about the killings and looting.

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