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Fans React To Vector’s Reply Following M.I’s The Viper Diss Track

Diakparomre Nyore

Nigerian rapper Vector has clapped back at fellow rapper, M.I’s for his diss track “The Viper”. Vector titled his clapback “Judas The Rat,” making it the 4th song in this beef battle.

Taking it back a little, M.I’s “The Viper”, which was an explosive track, came after Vector had released “The Purge” and “Tetracycline” which were diss tracks for M.I. With those tracks, Vector finally took the first direct shot at M.I, a response to M.I’s sub on “Martell Cypher: The Purification”.

In M.I’s “The Viper”, he said Vector should always stop biting the fingers that feed him, told Vector not to try to war with him because he can’t (implying thy Vector doesn’t have the ability to start a war with M.I), told Vector to look up to him as a father, told him no one can say he (Vector) has lifted anyone. M.I even went on to say Vector wasn’t among the top 5 rappers from Yorubaland – he gave shoutouts to Olamide, Dagrin, Reminisce, Falz, Ycee, and CDQ.

Today, Vector finally satisfied his fans who had been clamoring for a response to M.I’s diss track. In the track Vector said M.I claims he has “helped” people so why couldn’t he “help” his own brother, rapper Jesse Jags?!

Vector also claimed in the song that he doesn’t do political music, and that M.I signs people to use them and dumps them when he is done with them. He added that M.I who didn’t care for his father now claims to be his (Vector’s) father, stating that everyone knows his father is dead.

Mixed reactions have however trailed the reply. While some music lovers think he could have gone harder with the reply, others feel it was top notch. Here are some reactions below from fans:

@volqx tweeted:
“M.I obviously got to vector, I am a hardcore vector fan but I feel he was very emotional about his clap-back.
Make it sound like rap, not a crybaby. Most things he said about MI are facts but put out using the wrong tempo. Vector can do better than Judas The Rat.”

“Vector should have just kept quiet. That is the weakest reply to a diss track I’ve ever heard.”

@royzkingin tweeted:
“Vector didn’t play with words on JudasTheRat he told a story and brought proof. He talked about his Ls and his mistakes and wasn’t subtle about it. TheViper might be better because of the lyrical depth and false accusations laid down just to feel like the bigger person.”

@tolutezzy_ tweeted:
“After listening to vector #JudasTheRat you still want to compare M.I to vector y’all really trying I swear, say the truth forget the crowd, Vector is better than M.I nobody will beat you.”

“Vector Dissed M.I, called out Jesse Jags and people are saying it’s not good. If you don’t know about rap sit down. There’s no room for emotion. I love Vector’s reply, I love M.I’s reply. This is rap right here, not akamara akara rappers.”

@classicNedu tweeted:
“Vector kept mentioning Jesse Jagz upandan. Saying M.I supports rappers to make gain. 80% of the time, he was explaining himself when no one asked him. Lanre please take your L in peace and let us rest. M.I has won this one.”

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