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Obaseki Plans To Abandon APC, Airhiavbere Alleges

Osagbemi Anthony

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Edo State, Maj. Gen. Charles Airhiavbere (retd), on Thursday alleged that Governor Godwin Obaseki is planning to abandon the APC in the state.

According to Airhiavbere, Obaseki plotted to abandon the party and seek his second-term bid with another party after realizing that it would be difficult to get the ticket because of the way he has handled the party.

Speaking to journalists, the APC Chieftain explained that the crisis rocking the ruling party became obvious after the presidential election when the party lost in Edo South and Edo Central.

He alleged that Obaseki has failed the people of the state, noting that it was his incompetence that led to the fallout between the governor and his predecessor.

He said: “After that loss, the party realized that it needed the massive win from Edo North for President Muhammadu Buhari to scale through in the state.

“The presidential election in February gave an account of the APC political instability in the state; during that election we lost in Edo South, we lost in Edo Central, only Edo North produced the percentage that was required for the president to scale through Edo State and that was the beginning of the problems of the APC coming to the public. It became clear that if we don’t do something quickly, there will be a problem.”

However, Obaseki’s Special Adviser on Media and Communication Strategy, Crusoe Osagie, has described the allegation as “a lie from the pit of hell.”

Osagie said: “He (Obaseki) is performing. He is the leader of the party. He controls the party, so who will he leave the party for? That allegation is a complete lie from the pit of hell. Governor Godwin Obaseki has a very robust relationship with the presidency and his party at the center.

“His party is the ruling party in the state and at the center, so where is he leaving to and why should he leave? The good records of Obaseki cannot be compared to that of Airhiavbere. Obaseki contested for election once and he won.”

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