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News - December 2, 2018

Investigation Reveals FG Lied Over N7bn Spent On Security In Unity Schools

By Michael Paul, Ayotomiwa Ayodele, Osagbemi Anthony and Diakparomre Nyore

Painstaking investigation carried out by Ivotesng team has revealed that the federal government may have lied over claims it spent N7 billion to provide security in Unity Schools across the country in the last two years.

Ivotesng reporters during the course of the investigation visited Unity Schools in Oyo, Kogi, Ekiti, Ondo Osun, FCT, and Nasarawa, states to ascertain the level of security being provided by the federal government that could have cost a whooping N7billion.

The inability of the government to provide adequate security for some of the schools, have left them prone to security breaches by rampaging herdsmen and hoodlums, Ivotesng gathered.

Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu had last week claimed that the federal government in 2017 and 2018 spent N7billion on provision of security for the 108 Unity Schools across the country.

Mr Adamu claimed that during the period, government provided perimeter fencing in the schools that were yet to have one, CCTV cameras within the school premises, as well as street lights powered by solar systems and modern security gates, among others.

But in all of the schools visited by Ivotesng reporters, there were no CCTV, while only a few had modern gates or perimeter fencing. But contrary to claims by the minister, the fencing and gates in most of the schools were not done by the current administration. In some schools the infrastructure could best be described as appalling.

Our reporters gathered that the PTA had to provide for hiring of security guards in some of the schools to ensure the safety of students.


In Oyo state, Unity schools visited by our reporters, have no CCTV, modern fence, or solar street light.

At FGGC Oyo, there was no CCTV and the street lights available were clearly old and not solar. Besides, the VP admin told our reporter that the street light was done by the PTA and not the government.

Our reporter also gathered that there are 18 security men working in the school. 9 hired by government, 3 hired by the college and 6 hired by the PTA

At FGC Ogbomosho, our reporter noticed that the security was porous. At the school, the Principal told our reporter that lack of mobilization of contractors stalled the modern gate project and CCTV installation.

On streetlights, he said it was captured in 2018 budget, and bidding was concluded with report sent to Abuja for vetting and confirmation about a month ago.


At the FGGC Kabba in Kogi state, our reporter observed there was perimeter fencing, but no CCTV, modern gate or solar panel street light.

The V.P Admin, Anthony Okpara who took our reporter round the premises confirmed that the perimeter fencing was captured in 2016 but executed in 2017

He also said that solar panelled street light was captured for 2018 and they are waiting on the ministry and contractors to execute it

About the CCTV and modern gate he said there is nothing of that sort.

Speaking further he said that Fulani has destroyed a section of the fencing more than once. Hence a need for constant repairs.

Since the fence is far into the bush, it is always difficult to know when this happens until they are seen with cows inside the premises.

He said, if provided, the CCTV will be useful to help monitor the area.

On security guards, he said, the government hired 5, PTA hired 5 and the college hired 6

According to him, “the DPO gave his word on patrol of police men but who will put it on record if they do not show up”

At FGC Ugwolawo, our reporter observed that the perimeter fencing was bad, no CCTV, no modern gate, no solar panel street light.

The V.P special duties told our reporter that the perimeter fencing was captured in 2017 budget, but 4 kilometer of the required 10km fencing was done.

He complained that herdsmen often come into the school compound and mess the whole place up.


At FGGC Efon -Alaaye, Ekiti state, our reporter observed that there was no proper security procedures at the gate.

There is no CCTV or street lights within the school premises. And the perimeter fence is quite low for such location.

It was gathered that the school has 11 security guards working there but 9 are employed by the PTA and only two are on full employment.


At FGC Keffi, in Nasarawa, the principal said none of the claims has reached the school, No CCTV, No solar powered Streetlights, no police patrol.


At the Federal Government Boys College Garki, Abuja, there is no CCTV. Our reporter however observed that the streetlights are functional

At Federal Government Girls College Bwari, there is no CCTV but there is a police post inside the school compound.

It was also gathered that the PTA had to employ security guard as the ones engaged by government are inadequate.

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