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Side Talk With Nyore - May 15, 2019

Boobs Shaming: Ignorance or Sheer Stupidity

Diakparomre Nyore

I came across something over the weekend that got me disgusted and felt I should write about it. Well, two things actually. I’m going to take it in 2 parts. On to the 1st.

The talk of the town, Regina Daniels posted a bikini picture of herself on her Instagram page and trust that her comment section ran wild. The majority of the comments were targeted at her boobs. The comments inferred that her boobs were saggy at her young age because of her “wayward ways”. Some people said her “billionaire husband had sucked the life out of her boobs”.

In Nigeria, boobs shaming can be so intense. This isn’t the first time I’m hearing this whole saggy boobs being associated with promiscuity ish but what I do not understand is, if people are truly not aware that boobs come in different shapes and sizes or it is that they know but just want to be mischievous?

Saggy boobs do not occur exactly the same way in every woman. Some women don’t sag until much later as they settle into motherhood, while some find out that they have saggy boobs while still basking in adolescence.

The downward development of the breast of some ladies begins at some ridiculously young age, which means whatever elasticity that most females have in the ligaments around their bust are weak which isn’t their fault. There are even cases where teenagers who have relatively larger breasts begin to experience some drooping, please its just gravity coupled with weakened ligaments and lost skin elasticity around the breasts. So no, it doesn’t mean she has been pregnant, no, it doesn’t mean she is promiscuous, no man has sucked and squeezed her breasts. It is the 21st century, people should know this.

There is so much under-representation of saggy-looking boobs in the media. In this cleavage-obsessed world, everyone has been taught that having super perky breasts is what is perfect and acceptable, a teaching that has led many teenagers to develop a complex because they do not see themselves as beautiful.

We need to stop the constant shaming and have a clear understanding of things. Now to everyone who has been body shamed or is secretly ashamed of their bodies, Instead of being ashamed, let’s celebrate them, as they are a sign that you have been living your life, you’ve been changing, you’ve been growing and developing.
No matter what the media, or your magazine or your body shaming partner says, there are so many reasons to love your body.

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