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Minister of information, Lai Mohammed has during a Senate committee hearing said the ministry will require $500 million loan to complete the digitalis action of National Television Authority (NTA). 
However, fact check by IVOTESNG revealed that in 2015, NTA DG, Sola Omole, said that the digitalisation of the Nation’s broadcasting station will only cost about $15 million. The implication is that in just 5 years, the figure has jumped to $500m, which is a mind-boggling 3,230% increase, $485 more than what the NTA boss said it would actually cost. 

In case you don’t know how much it is in Naira, the amount converts to 180 billion Naira which can build 108,000 low-income housing units at N5m each, dualised Abuja-Kano-Katsina road, dualised @a road, or sink 90,000 boreholes in all the 774 LGAs at N2m each which will ensure there are about 120 new boreholes in each LGA. The list is endless.



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