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The sum of N100 million was allocated in the 2019 budget for the supply of 100 computers in Filya, Gombe state, according to TrackaNG, a project funded by BudgIT

Though, the computers have been delivered, the cost which puts each computer at N1 million has raised a lot of questions among Nigerians.

One Twitter user @kuyembo while reacting to the news said, “OMG! I know Filiya in Gombe State. They deserve better, there is no electricity to power computers, no portable drinking water and somebody is buying them 1 desktop computer for 1M.

Another Twitter user, @computerguysng wrote: I sell computers. These computers looked like coupled PCs. The carton looks fake and why are there no serial and product number stickers on them?
FYI Coupled PCs are 100k max!
Someone just made a profit of 90M!



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